Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Article In Roofing An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound Of Cure

When it comes to your home it is important to properly maintain all aspects of the home. Carpets are cleaned, filters are changed, tubs scrubbed, lawns cut; all of these are as important as the next in ensuring your home is running smooth and being maintained. Homeowners are often wrapped up in the interior of the home and put exterior repairs on the back burner. This can prove to be extremely problematic especially when it comes to your homes roofing.

Roofing damage can lead to structural damage within the home. It is important to know what signs to watch for when it comes to your roof. Often time's simple roof repairs are enough to ensure further damage is not done but as with everything your roof can wear out. Think about the abuse your roof takes on a daily basis. In states with four seasons that can include intense heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail and everything in between.

If you do have an asphalt shingle roof installed on your roof there are a few obvious signs that a new shingle roof is in your future. The first sign and a major one at that would be missing shingles. If this is the case you will need to replace the shingle and check to see how viable the tar seal is on the rest of the shingles. If you begin to see shingles loose or coming up all over the roof you can guarantee a new roof is in your homes future.

Asphalt shingles are made with a granule covering that protects the tar surface on the base of the shingle. Over time the granule covering will begin to loosen and wear off. Once this happens, usually between 15-20 years after the roof is installed, the shingle will start to dry out and crack. This will expose the underlayment and will compromise the protection the shingle is offering to your home. Shingles may also start curl. When this happens a new roof is needed as well. Curling shingles happens from poor roof ventilation or a dry asphalt shingle base.

Don't trust a contractor that says a second layer of shingles laid over the top of a previously shingled roof will last as long as one in which you start with a fresh base. Your roofing contractor should strip all the old shingles off and start with a fresh roof base. This is also a great way to check for damage on the roofs structure. Never layer shingles on top of one another. This just spells disaster in the long run and will cost you as the homeowner more in the long run.

Algae are another item that can destroy your roof. If you find that there are spots where algae and moss are accumulating on your roof pay a professional roof contractor to inspect the roof. Often times the algae can be cleaned and copper added to the roof line to help prevent future growth. Copper is acidic and creates a layer that makes the shingle hard for the plant life to cling to. No matter what don't take it upon yourself to scrub the roofing shingles, this will ruin the roofing and remove the protective granules.

If you do find yourself purchasing a new roof take that time to become educated on taking care of the roof. Roofing contractors will offer advice on your roof dependant on where you live. Rotting leaves, ice and snow all have variable affects on your roof and can all be handled with a little intervention. Take time to maintain your roof; replacing it is costly.

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