Monday, November 30, 2015

The Benefits of Metal Roofing Over Traditional Asphalt Shingles

Homeowners that choose to have a metal roof installed over the traditional choice of asphalt shingling do so because they are wish to have a roof installed that not only withstands the harsh elements of the northern climate but also has a long life expectancy.  There comes a time when homeowners have a metal roof installed on their home and need to access the current condition of the metal roofing in order to decide if it is in need of replacement.  In order to determine if the homes metal roof needs to be replaced there are a few factors to consider.  Below are some characteristics to look deeper into when considering metal roof replacement.

The first consideration to be given is the amount of rust that builds up on the homes current metal roofing.  Now a day’s metal roofing is pre-treated with a rust roof coating that prevents the deterioration of the metal roof.  However, a previous metal roofing material were not treated with a rust proof coating and even with that modern day solution to rust it does not guarantee that the metal roof will not break down resulting in the development of rust on the homes metal roofing.

Extreme rust on a home’s metal roofing will detract from the aesthetic value of the home.  It will look unsightly and will detract from an otherwise well-kept, highly curb appeal friendly home.  Minor rust on a metal roof can be treated with rust treatment but overtime homeowners may find it is more cost effective to completely replace the homes metal roofing.  It can prove costly for homeowners to continue to hire professional roofing contractors to treat the roof rust year after year.

A metal roof has an increased life span over that of other traditional roofing materials such as asphalt.  A superior quality metal roof, installed correctly is known to have a lifespan of anywhere between fifty to a hundred years, whereas shingle roofing has an average life expectancy of between fifteen and twenty five years.   The amount of weakening experienced by metal roofing of the home will vary due to exposure and weather conditions within the homes climate.  If rust is left untreated it will lead to a weakening within the homes roof which will in turn result in the formation of holes within the metal roof.  If this occurs the only choice a homeowner has is to fully replace the homes metal roof.

professional roofing contractor that specializes in the installation, repair and replacement of metal roofing will be able to access the condition of the homes current roofing.  This will ensure that homeowners get a professional opinion on the condition of the roof before choosing to invest in a full metal roof replacement.
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Choosing Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingle Roofing

When you own a home there are so many benefits in choosing metal roofing over asphalt shingle roofing.  When many homeowners purchase their first home they purchase a shingle roof.   Over time it becomes apparent that metal roofing is a more viable option in replacement roofing over asphalt shingles.  If you are one of those homeowner s that don’t understand why metal roofing is a better overall value than asphalt shingles the advantages listed below should assist you in your decision.
Many homeowners believe that metal roofing is in fact heavier then asphalt.  This however is the furthest thing from reality.  Metal roofing materials are in fact lighter than asphalt roofing.  In fact every square foot of metal roofing weighs less than one square foot of asphalt roofing materials.   Per square foot of metal roofing weighs one point four pounds where as asphalt roofing can weigh anywhere from two to five pounds per square foot.  One major benefit of metal roofing over asphalt is that metal roofing can be installed over existing asphalt roofing materials or wooden roofing materials.  This can be achieved without compromise to the existing roofs structure.
Metal roofing is said to outlast shingle roofing by a factor of four or more.  Many roofing contractors prefer to install asphalt shingling.  This does not mean that asphalt is in anyway a more reliable or permanent roofing solution over metal roofing.  Roofing contractors may find that metal roofing is harder to install than asphalt as well as the fact that asphalt roofing needs to be replaces twice as often as metal.  Another major benefit of metal roofing is that it is not as easily compromised as asphalt shingles.  The sun and heat eat away at shingle roofing faster than its metal counterpart.
Shoppers are constantly surprised by the fact that the warranty on asphalt composition roofing doesn’t necessarily correspond with the manufacture warranty placed on the shingles.  In fact the warranty on the actual shingling material usually exceeds the warranty on the products labor.  For the most part asphalt shingles have a twenty to twenty five year warranty.  In most areas however shingle roofing lasts about fifteen years before it needs to be replaced.  This of course is in contrast to the hundred year warranty on most metal roofing materials.
Within the Northern American region of America asphalt shingles is the most popular option in roofing.  This is because asphalt is deemed the most affordable material in roofing.  It is also incredibly predictable when it comes to how aesthetically pleasing the roofing appearance is.  Homeowners will all tell you that metal roofing is the most aesthetically pleasing when it comes to materials used in roofing.  Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, styles and shapes.  Metal roofing comes in a variety of styles that make it a natural choice in alternative roofing materials. 
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