Monday, September 26, 2016

Narrowing Down The Causes Of A Leaky Roof

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home.  It is crucial that it remains on the top of the list of items that need to be regularly maintained.  Your roof helps to protect your home from the elements. It keeps the warm heat in during the cold winter months and the brisk air in during the hot months of summer.  Damage to the homes roof should immediately be repaired to avoid having to later replace the entire roof or worse yet damage to the structural integrity of the home itself.
When a home experiences a leak in the roof the root of the issue isn’t always easily narrowed in on.  There are a few common problems to look for if you notice a leak in your homes roof.
Missing Shingles
No matter what material your roof is made from it is susceptible to damage during inclement weather.  Shingling that blows off your homes roof leaves underlayment exposed.  If left exposed to the elements the underlayment material will quickly deteriorate and cause water leakage.
Issues with Pipe Flashing
There are several vent pipes that sit directly underneath your roof material.  Most often these vents are sealed well but occasionally corrosion occurs or the sealant is damaged and allows for a leak to occur.
Skylight and Chimney Flashing
The flashing around your chimney can leak if it becomes pulled away from the roof or if perhaps the sealant becomes worn.  Skylight leaks require a bit more troubleshooting as sometimes the leaks that occur are because of condensation.  Other times however, a leak may occur because of a crack in the skylight or worn out seal.
The little gutters that run down the interior angles of your roof line are known as valleys. When the little gutter flashings are damaged by weather, fungus or are improperly maintained they can lift away from the roofing and allow water to seep through the channel and into the home.  It is crucial to make sure that these valleys are properly cared for and kept intact to avoid leaks.
Ice Dams
During the winter months it is common to have snow melt and refreeze on the roof.  When this happens and ice dam occurs that does not allow the water to runoff into the gutter.  The water is then left backing up under the shingles and the process of freezing and refreezing is allowed to continue causing damage to the underlayment of the roofing.
If at any time you notice the above damage occurring within your homes roof it is time to call in a professional roof contractor to repair the damaged area.  The cost of repairing a roof is significantly lower than the cost of replacing a roof hence it is far more cost effective to preserve the roofs integrity for as long as possible.
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Common Issues To Look For When Your Roof Is Leaking

When you are looking to find where a leak is coming from on your homes roof you may be overwhelmed at first.  Although know two roofs are alike there are still some commonalities when it comes to leakage issues.  There are a few common places that roofing contractor’s checkout first when homeowners mention that their roofs are leaking.  Below we will discuss what to look for if you should experience a leak in your roof.
Flashing is an essential element in roofing.  It is the metal piece that is used to attach vents and other ducting on the surface of the roof.  The metal flashing will most likely need to be replaced before the homes roof because as it ages it can crack and corrode.  Roof flashing is the number one point of failure on a roof and therefore should be the first place you inspect you suspect your roof is leaking.  Normal repair costs for flashing repairs on your homes roof usually range between ten and twenty dollars.
Vertical Slits
Another common place to look when you are experiencing a leak in your homes roof is the vertical slit between the shingles.  Water freely flows between the vertical slits in the shingles and thus causes corrosion.  This in turn can lead to a leak in the roof.
Missing Granules
All shingling is covered with an exterior stony coating.  This extra layer of coating on the shingle adds protection against ultra-violet rays.  When the stony coating starts to wear off the asphalt shingle it becomes exposed to the elements.  If you begin to notice bare spots in the shingling it is important to replace them before it becomes a problem.  If the bare spots in the shingling are left untreated water can start to cause water to pool and a leak to occur.
Skylights are a great way to let in the natural daylight however they are also a major contributor to leaks.  Water is allowed to run down the slop of the roof hitting the flat upper edge of the skylight getting trapped in there.  Another thing that can occur is cracking in the skylight.    Sealant to correct the issue costs about five dollars.  If the flashing is the cause of the leak it can cost anywhere between twenty five to eight dollars to replace.
If there is a leak it is important to address the cause of the problem before fixing the effects of the leak.    Chimneys are also another source of where leaks occur as well as the valleys in the roof.  If you are unable to locate the leak on your own call in a professional roofer to assist you evaluate the problem before the roof repair turns into roof replacement.
Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at today.