Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Proofing Tips For Your Roof

Winter is here.  Temperatures are plummeting and soon we will begin to see ice and snow everywhere we go.  The Farmer’s Almanac informs us that this winter is going to be chillier than normal.  The bitter cold temperatures can wreak havoc on our roofs not to mention heavy snowfalls or snowfalls that melt and refreeze.  To ensure that your roof is in tip top shape for winter now is the time to inspect and winterize.  A little preparation can go a long way in saving your home from serious damage due to the winter weather.
As always if you feel uncomfortable up on your homes roof don’t chance it.  Roof repair is something all roofing contractors are used to doing.  Call a professional.  Not only do they know exactly what to look for as far as damage that is beginning on your roof, they also have the skill and tools to complete the task at hand without issue. 
Winter Proofing Your Roof
  • Your roof needs to be inspected throughout the year.  This is never more important than before the winter season.  Not only should you inspect the roof but check out the shingles and the gutters as well. 
  • Gutters should be free of debris to allow water to flow through them with ease.  If there is an issue it is so much simpler to address without piles of snow in the gutters.  If the gutter is clogged with leaves ice dams can occur and ruin shingling.
  • Your roof should be cleared of all fallen debris.  Twigs, leaves and large branches are all detrimental to your roof.  Also, stagnant water can be captured and stored more easily under roof debris.  This is just one reason that it is better to have a clean roof going into the winter season.
  • Check the interior of your home as well.  Check the attic for small brown spots that indicate a leak.  The same would be noticeable on drywall ceilings.  If you spot anything that indicates a leak you must find out where the cause of the issue lies and fix it.  If left untreated severe damage can occur. 
  • Look at the sealant around the roofs perimeter as well as around flashing, chimneys and skylights.  Add an extra bead of caulk and sealant around the edges if you suspect any loose or cracking areas.  It never hurts to take the old sealant off and replace it with new if you can tell it is aging.
  • Once winter is in full swing it is a good idea to purchase a solid roof rake.  This one tool can save you a ton of money.  When you see that snow is piling up on the roof you can easily remove the snow around the edges.  This will help to prevent ice dams and prevent heavy snow loads from piling up on your roof.
Roofing contractors are your best source of information when it comes to roof repair and preventative maintenance.  In order to keep your roof in top shape it is important that you take care of it.  Preventing issue before they arise is the key to a well maintained home.  

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Simple Roof Maintenance Tips

No matter where you live the seasonal climate changes can take a toll on your home.  During the spring you are inundated with storms and wet weather while summer offers us lots of humidity and steamy temperatures. Fall is beautiful with perfect temperatures and then comes winter.  Here in the north winter is full of bizarre weather trends.  You can have one day with a foot of snow, the next brings in an ice storm and the week could end with sunny temperatures.  You can see how these drastic changes in the weather can make it difficult to maintain the integrity of your homes roofing.
It is crucial that you prepare your home ahead of time.  Simple maintenance can help to ensure your home is well prepared for the winter.  It can help ensure that your home and roof are not damaged during the winter season.
Winter weather is often a combination between rain, ice and snow. In order to prevent your homes roof from leaking it is important to make sure that the roof is in tip top shape.  If your roofs condition is good it is far less likely to develop a leak.  As the end of fall approaches take time to inspect your roofs condition.  Grab a ladder and head out onto the roof.  Clear away extra debris and fallen leaves.  Check for cracked and missing shingles.  Inspect your shingles to see if they are rotting or missing large chunks of asphalt and grit.  These old, withered shingles should be replaced.  If you are not comfortable doing this yourself hire a roofing contractor.  They are equipped with the right tools to inspect and repair any damage seen on your homes roof.
Fall and spring are the two seasons in which it is really important to inspect your homes gutters.  Gutters only work as intended if they are clear of debris.  If the gutters empty out close to your home you will need to dig trenches using plastic drains and pea gravel and elongate the area in which the drain.  It is important that the gutters so not empty close to your home as that often leads to leaks within your homes basement through cracks in the foundation.   Gutters must be cleaned out often.  Water must freely flow through them to prevent damage.
Other maintenance tips to keep your home running efficiently throughout the winter season is to check for cracks in the weather stripping around the doors and windows of your home.  Repairing even the smallest cracks will improve the homes efficiency.  This helps keep your homes heating and cooling systems functioning properly as well.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at today.