Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Year Round Roofing Maintenance Tips

Your homes roof is in charge of shielding your family from the elements.  With your homes roof in constant defense mode it is important that it can continue to take a beating after years of wear and tear. In the northern climates the weather can go from below zero to seventy in less than a day or two.  We can experience wind and hail storms as severe as those living on the coast; it is inevitable that our roofs will be put to the test over and over again.  It is crucial that we continue to work and maintain the roofs structural integrity.

Roofing contractors are no strangers to the expense that is put on homeowners who need to replace their homes roof.  It is a costly procedure and when done incorrectly can jeopardize the entire foundation and structure of the home.  Most homeowners will only have to replace roofing once or twice in their lives.  It is not a process that most will need to become ultra familiar with.  To ensure that your roof has a long life and to minimize costly repairs, routine maintenance should be done on your homes roof.

Regularly Inspect Roofing Shingles

Shingles are the most visible aspect of your homes roof.  The shingles play a major part in keeping the barriers underneath dry.  If moisture is allowed to seep below the shingling the materials underneath may become moist and serious damage can occur. It may not seem like missing a shingle or to is that big of a deal however when left untreated a missing or damaged shingle can cause damage to the structure of the roof.

Roofing contractors also state that homeowners should evaluate the condition of the asphalt shingling.  If the granules that make up the shingle are starting to wear away the roof’s underlayment will quickly deteriorate due to the exposure to the hot sun.  If you start to notice a great deal of asphalt granules in the homes gutters it may be time to consider complete roof replacement. If you notice only a few bare shingles you may get by with replacing just those few.

Look For Leaks In The Attic

Checking for leaks is something that can be done inside of the home as well as outside.  The first place to look is the ceilings within the interior of the home.   If you can see any areas of discoloration or difference in the texture of the roofing it’s time to move to the attic.  Enter the attic on a super sunny day and look for any sun that shines through.  If you can see the light that means you have found the point of entrance for water.

Leaks are easier to repair when they are small and manageable.  Checking the homes attic for holes of light and repairing the issue is a more reasonable repair then when the damage is visible on the ceiling of the rooms within your home.  Take time to inspect the attic twice a year.  A quick peek can save you from having to replace the homes roof and ceilings.

Regular, simple roofing maintenance checks can save homeowners from costly roof repairs or replacements. Maintain your roof to allow it to continue to do the job it is meant to do.  A homes roof should last between twenty and thirty years when preventive maintenance checks are done and minor repairs are completed.

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Signs of Roof Damage After a Storm

Once again severe weather time is here for those of us in the north.  From lightening strikes to thunderstorms, strong winds and sand storms it all takes its toll on the exterior of our homes especially the roof.  Many times homeowners are clueless that there has even been damage to their homes.  Some will only notice damage months after the storms have rolled through.  It is important to identify damage as soon as possible to avoid extensive damage to the structure or foundation of the home.

After a storm has hit homeowners should take time to inspect their roof and home’s exterior.  It is best if small issues are identified and repaired before they become larger and more expensive problems that require extensive repairs.  If you suspect any damage has occurred to the roof after a storm it is best to call in a professional roofing contractor to perform a full inspection of your homes roof.    Most roofing companies offer free inspections or inspections for a fee that comes off the cost of needed repairs.

To assist homeowners we are including signs of roof damage to be aware of after a storm.  If a homeowner can see any of these it is important that they call in a roofing expert for further examination of the damage.
  • Shingling that is bent or folded
  • Shingles or roofing materials that have become dislodged
  • Any part of shingles or roofing materials within the homes yard
  • Roof buckling
  • Discoloration in the shingles
  • Ceiling discoloration
  • Light coming in from the attic space
Some of the damage, after a storm, can be difficult to see from street level.  Take a trip up onto the roof to look for shingling or other roofing materials that have dislodged.  If this is noticed it is important to have the roof inspected properly by a professional roofing contractor.  A contractor specializing in roofing can offer repair services or assist homeowners with insurance claims if a new roof is necessary.

Another common issue, buckling occurs in roofing when a roof is not properly ventilated or when shingles are laid one on top of another.  Noticing spots within the roof that are starting to buckle may indicate that you will need a new roof.

After an extreme wind storm it is possible to find dislodge roofing material in your yard.  One shingle may be easy to replace or repair however when multiple parts of shingling or other roofing materials are seen strewn about the yard it is a completely different issue.

Another sign of damage on a roof is discoloration.  Algae and moss can cause this discoloration and small leaks may occur.  A professional roofing contractor should be employed to restore the roof and treat the problem.

Discoloration on the outside isn’t the only issue that shows roofing damage.  If you see any signs of internal ceiling sagging or water spots it is time to inspect your homes attic.  Any light coming in from the attic space should be immediately repaired to prevent further issues.  This is especially true after heavy rains.

Roofs can be repaired if damage is caught early enough.  These repairs are far more inexpensive then completely replacing your roof which often occurs when homeowners let minor repairs stack up and don’t get properly fixed.  Proper roof care and maintenance will help maintain your roof, foundation and homes structural integrity.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at today.